It's me, Jenna!

A Little About Me:


I'm Jenna. My last name is Bencivenga, it sounds like Ben-7-ga.

When you think of a bubbly person, you likely imagine someone with high spirits, a personal cheerleader, maybe an enthusiastic listener... Well I'm all of those things! I jumped into entrepreneurship to share what I love to do, but make it count on your most important day.

It's 2012 and I was that girl who obsessively shouted over the TV when her favorite couple didn't win on Four Weddings. I was getting bridal magazines in high school as a hobby and making PowerPoints on trendy wedding themes for my friends. It wasn't a surprise that I went to college for Event Management with an Art Minor. They unfortunately did not offer Professional Foodie as an option.

My resume is filled with events from concerts to weddings to corporate events, tradeshows and fundraisers- I've worked them all. I started JennaCanPaint because I know how much it means when you throw an event. You won't just get a painter, you'll get every detail that matters.

My adventurous side made my drive for JennaCanPaint but it also contributes to my personal rule: Try any food once. Maybe it's the Italian, Filipino and Irish in me, or maybe I just love carbs. When I'm not painting, I enjoy spending time with my amazing partner, Keith, and our parrotlet named Matcha. Hopping on a last minute plane is always a pro in my eyes because your girl loves to travel. I've lived in the Greater Boston Area for the last 6 years, but grew up in rural Westford, MA. Exploring the city is a close second to my favorite things to do, with celebrating social events (and painting them!) as my first.

With hot coffee in one hand and paintbrush in another, I'd love the opportunity to commemorate your special day.


What is Live Event Painting?

En Plein Air, or plein air painting, is starting and finishing a painting outdoors. Live Event Painters do this but are hired by you! We arrive on site to your special event (wedding, mitzvah, baby shower, proposal etc.) and paint the event while it is happening. Some people hire you for a specific moment such as a first kiss or first dance. Some people ask you to draw a venue and add guests as they arrive. It's really magical with endless possibilities.

I'm here to remind you about the fun, creative, and exciting parts of your event. It makes me insanely happy to entertain your guests, and have you leave with a beautiful memento. This painting will be unique - just like you.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let's get creative!


Why JennaCanPaint?


All of our packaging for paintings and merch are recycled products with the environment in mind, even down to my business cards!

One of a Kind

Not only will you wow your guests with unique entertainment but you leave with a beautiful canvas that is completed by the end of the event.


My packages are not the only thing I offer. I'm super open minded to whatever you envision. I just want you to love your canvas!

She Know's the Drill

Professional to the max and I won't accept less. I've been around the block and can help steer in the right direction if you don't know where to begin.